What is this about?

This blog is a personal project I’ve had in my mind for too long and, finally with some effort and motivation, I’ve found time to create it.

This web has no high pretensions, it’s unique goal is to be a channel for my ideas, experiences and opinions. No more and no less.

Actually, I plan to get rid of my old notebooks (currently piling into drawers and shelves), whom I’ve been patiently filling along years, and replace them (or to be complemented) with a digital version, more agile and eternal.

I also like the idea of sharing my notes (sketches, drafts, diagrams, and so on) with anyone who could be interested in, and could be a synergic milestone, that may inspire other ones.

Finally, as you’ve could notice, I am not a native english speaker, and that’s another reason for this blog: to make myself improve my english skills. Feel free to warn me if you found mistakes in any of my posts.