A little bit of me

It is said that the beginnings are difficult, so let’s begin with obvious presentations: Hi, my name is Jose, I’m a computer engineer and I was born in Almería (Southeast of Spain).

Some background

Since I can remember, I’ve been always interested in technology and everything related to it. When I was a kid I loved drawing, painting, using my imagination and crafting: stories, gadgets, space ships, adventures, games, and so on.

That early vocation has been with me along my education period and professionally afterwards: as a computer engineer I’ve been able to use awesome tools to create fantastic applications, and as a graphic designer, I’ve been able to let my imagination run free and to shape my ideas.

Right now

I’ve been designing professionally for almost 20 years, but since very recently (2-3 years) I’m especially interested in interaction, usability and user experience. Those topics have always been present in my designs and apps, but not in a more deliberately and consciously way.

Currently I work at BCC Cajamar, a spanish south east’s bank, in the digital banking department. Although I am currently developing web services and helping in everything I can be useful for, my final goal is to collaborate in interfaces and user experience designing.

Previously I was working as interface designer and user experience (UI / UX) in Barcelona for NDT Global, a German company with international projection, dedicated to pipeline technical inspection.

My experience as a programmer has helped me in understanding the functional requirements of each project: the limitations, the objectives, etc. I also work under Agile/SCRUM methodologies, what really helps and I truly appretiate.

Work aside

As father and husband, I spend most of the time with my family. The rest of the lacking time I like watching movies, reading, playing videogames and, overall, I like to do anything that I can enjoy and that can be an inspiration for me.

I enjoy any movie/book genre, but my predilection has been always science-fiction (Arthur C. Clarke, Bradbury, Isaac Asimov, …).

Some of my prefferences have to do with the fact of have grown up in the 80s: the outdated bands, the pixel art, …

And I still have time, believe it or not, to catch up with videogames, whether it is a turn-based strategy, first-person shooter or even mobile one.